Doctor of Art History, Professor, Head of the department of photography and visual practices of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Art. In 2018, she defended her doctoral thesis on the topic “Avant-garde in Kharkov’s fine art in the 20s century”, considering photography practices in the context of a mainstream of Ukrainian avant-garde art. Since 1988, she has created more than 60 exhibitions in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. She is the author of books and articles dedicated to the Ukrainian avant-garde art and photography in national and foreign editions. As an expert in history of Ukrainian photography, she joined the well-known international project of a 3-volume edition “The History of European photography of XX century”. The author of the books “The Artists of Ukrainian Avant-Garde in Kharkov”, “Carte blanсhe of A. Petritsky”, “Vasyl Iermilov is Waiting for Spring”, “Borys Kosarev's View of "Earth"” and others. She took part in International photo festivals, such as “One month of photography in Bratislava” (1994-2000), “One month of photography in Kiev” (2003, 2005), “One month of photography in Paris” (2015), “Paris Photo” (2015). Gave personal lectures about Ukrainian art and photography by the invitation of the Ukrainian Museum in New York, USA, 2012; Moscow Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (2013), National Art Gallery (Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki) at Warsaw, Poland, 2014, Adam Mickiewicz Institute of Art, Warsaw, Poland (2015), etc. Together with Rafal Lewandowski, was a curator of the Ukrainian-Polish exhibition and the International Conference “Neo-Realism in Conflict Times” (with participation of leading specialists and photo and film experts from Poland and Ukraine, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, 2015).