Artist and curator. Lives and works in Moscow. Member of Electroboutik group and curator of the Electromuseum. Teacher of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Multimedia and Photography. Doctor habilitatus at University of Gothenburg. Participant in a large number of Russian and international exhibitions and festivals. In the 80s he created a “Stranger’s Photos” series and organized the “Immediate Photography” group. In the 90's, he was one of the first artists who worked with the Internet as a medium, created Moscow WWW Art Centre, a personal site He also created the cyberpunk rock band 386 DX, which gave more than 100 concerts around the world. In 2000s Shulgin started to work in the field of Software art and began the conceptual communication and visual Electrobutik art project. From 2000 to 2004 curated the Read Me international festival (Moscow-Helsinki-Aarhus-Dortmund). In 2010s created the Artomat (together with Aristarkh Chernyshev) – an art production machine. In 2020, together with Yanina Prudenko, creates the Art Footprint Manifesto.